sexy wires

Undisclosed Desires by Muse
Video Released: Nov. 4, 2009 <--what the? MTV, why have you forsaken me???

I can deduce from out of this that people today are too wired and no one can figure out their desires anymore because we are too caught up in gratifying ourselves now rather than benefiting what we could have been for the future.

The woman dancing is marvelous! Metaphorically, still wired.
Cinemtaography is artistic! Honestly? This song sounds sexy. Even the video!
Matthew's shades are a rockin'!

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Nina Nia Bovan said...

My favorite song from Muse! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Lyrics are amazing and video is awesome! xoxo

chingching said...

@nina: u love muse too? woohoo! high five.
there is pure poetry in this song.
the video is simply magnificent!XD

モイラ said...

oh I wish I could dance x-x

chingching said...

@morla: her dancing was WOW!

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