Garland 2010

Today was the day the Garland 2010 ceremony had taken its course. With a "cruise ship" theme in mind, the juniors and seniors of the University were putting their best heels forward with heads held high.

My ticket to the event:

The program was very much a blur aside from the following:
-the dude who sang for this girl before she had to graduate. while he was singing he went to her table and continued singing to her from there. sweeeet!

-the intermission numbers: the salsa dance, the G boys' dance number and freesteps.

-the giving away of awards, our classmate won the Lady of the Ship award. Have you seen Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes? Well, my classmate's dress is like that, except that it's black and white.

-the dinner slash buffet part gave me the most pain in the heels. I can't believe it was a buffet styled dinner. Don't the juniors understand that we are about 900+ seniors in our batch? Geeez. I have forever plastered it in my brain that that was the worst part ever.

-what happened to the token giving? I thought that was the most prized and essential part of the event? Damn and darn the organizers of the event. I remembered last year I was heading one of the committees, it was smooth sailing my friend not unlike this time. tsktsk.

-the souvenir from the event

-and shot loads of photos.

Well the after party compensated all of it though. We had the blastest time partying and dancing the whole night and morning long. Even in high heels we can still rock it!

 (i apologize for the blurriness, the camera can't seem to keep up with our dancing)

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