be italian-- DONE!

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Maestro Guido Contini!
Maestro Guido Contini!
Maestro Guido Contini!

I can honestly say that Nine was enjoyable. The movie enveloped me to a different level of musical-ity. Choreography, costume design, set design, the plot was intriguing. I felt sad for Luisa Contini having a husband like Guido but it cannot be helped I guess. It was grand and deep. It was Italia at its best. Daniel Day Lewis was believable with that skinny little tie, dark shades and sleek hair. The songs are remarkable and original. I've been singing along the whole time.

I know there's not much moral lesson in the movie, but I'm after the whole package which isn't too bad.

4 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

wella said...

Is this a new movie?

chingching said...

@wella: yep. this premiered in the US last December 09. hasn't premiered in the Philippines yet though.tsktsk

hana talita said...

I can't get Be Italian out of my head. The tamborine *is that it?* dancing is awesome!

chingching said...

@hana: Be Italian is my favest next to Cinema Italiano..
the dancing gives me the goosebumps. ahaha

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