I've always thought about what I wanted as a graduation gift. Heck! I've even made a list!

-a SLR camera
-500 gb external hard drive
-a wardrobe upgrade
-buy either a Nokia E63 or a Blackberry
-buy a set of Stabilo pens

OK. so that's it.
So among that lucky prizes, I choose to have A WARDROBE UPGRADE!

I'm so happy that mama treated me with a facial today + new shoes + new wardrobe.

As for the facial, we were at Ruiz Derma at SM Cebu. I choose to have that Oatmeal thingy on my face. I had no idea the pricking hurt like hell! I had to suck it all in coz my mom was beside me having a less invasive facial on her. Due to so much pain, I fell asleep during the masking process. Whew! After the whole hooplah, my eyes have gone blurry, my face is red and blotchy and I feel perky. My eyes are still at a blur.

This is more like a treat just coz Garland is nearing by.
So, I hope to be having more wardrobe upgrades.

Next time, I'll be the one treating her with what she treated me. Love lots!

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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