Mr. Pigg

I can't help it!

As I mentioned him on my previous post. Here I introduce Landon Pigg. He is charming on the silver screen so when I noticed that he has a track (High Times by Landon Pigg feat Turbo Fruits) on the Whip It movie OST, I just had to take a listen. I was hooked!

Landon Pigg (born August 6, 1983) is a singer, songwriter and actor from Nashville. Tennessee. Thanks wikipedia!

Apparently, The Boy Who Never  is his third album and I'm taking a liking on both the album art and the album.
 So dreammyyyy.. A nice way to end my February. :D

4 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

Eye said...

looks cute :)
will check him out!!

chingching said...

@eye: ain't he? :DDD

モイラ said...

whoaaa he's cuteee :O

chingching said...

@morla: he is cute ain't he? but the last name is ...naaaah! :D

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