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After days and nights of resenting, cursing, regretting, sulking in dperession why we took so long to finish our thesis, we finally had our Re-oral today and the result is: pending.

I was so relieved. I don't want the emotional train coming up on my nerve-wracked tracks again!
I would like to nag and complain where we got wrong but I'm the person who looks on the bright side of things.

So here is my, "Here's what I've learned when you're working on a thesis with 11 other people" list:

1. Friendships and fren-emies are formed and bonded over loads of time, money and sweat! (more emphasis on the money! *cough about 14 thousand spent!*)

2. You will get loads of irritating group updates via texts by an irritated leader/ member on how your thesis is going and no one bothers to reply or just deletes the message once they know the leader/member had sent it. hmmf! (You should be thankful the leader hasn't flooded your phones with hate!)

3. You get stacks of scratch papers from a pile load of print outs that were checked, rechecked and had to be printed again. Recycling is key!

4. Filipino time. A perfect excuse to be late for a meeting.

5. The diamonds in the rough stands out. You can tell if they are when they are hardworking, always there, bends to your every command, complains a bit but still finishes the job!

6. Someone in your group should at least own a car. I say jeepneys are a hassle, and taxis are expensive. But when all 11 people fit inside a car, it's a carpool frenzy and helps prevent global warming!

7. Get a really awesome ring tone that you love 'coz you know people will be calling on you and asking "WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU??? THE MEETING STARTED 2 HOURS AGO!!"

8. Own a really small laptop. It's just convenient for everyone.

9. Assign tasks to members who are reliable. Assign tasks to members who are unreliable also, that's just to check if they can be reliable.

10. Bring your boyfriends or girlfriends to the meetings. They can help out, I think.

11. I get to learn the types of leadership: democratic, autocratic and the laissez-faire. I am a mixture of all those.

12. Generosity is essential. Once they learn that you're the rich kid in the group, your wallet is now famous. Watch out!

13. Only let one person do all the typing, editing, proof reading and revising. While the rest of the 11 members don't have to suffer torturous neck aches, eye strains, possible Carpal Tunnel, back aches and the loss of a social life.

14. Crying is weak. So when the leader cries, just stare. Then joke about the leader when she's not looking.

15. Even if the study didn't quite go well as I expected. At least we weren't given a grade of 4.

16. Your group gets assigned to a wonderful mentor who will be there for you every step of the way. Yes, just wonderful of our "mentor" to ask us how we are doing whenever she actually remembers.
End. My neck is aching now and I have to continue with the revision. toodles!

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rheasanchez said...

Hahaha. Smiled all the way through. I enjoyed reading this post Luce. So...ruddy true.

Damn the thesis.

And damn the person who started it.

chingching said...

@rhealalu: ahaha i just had to let all the rudeness out. it's funny if i read it again and again pud.

yes yes dang nabbit!!

elys15 said...

oh this is so true~ i soooooo agree with this!!! xD

chingching said...

@step: maybe u can add some more tep?
ahaha if i know, kuwang pa na. :D

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