rock gods' metamorphosis

Rock is my thaannng. Well, I have a variety of interest in a lot of music genres so don't get confused when I have a taste of jazz all of a sudden.

I have grown and admired a lot of the leading men in the rock scene. And I've got to say NEW ALBUM = NEW LOOK. I like the metamorphosis. I like the vavavoom they bring both in their videos and live (if I can go live...hmf!).

Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day and his usual messy hair but with a twist of highlight at one side! Dashing isn't he?

Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars now has a mohawk.

Another leading man is Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, from his famous dreadlocks, he now has that! Well if you look past the clothing, then you might notice his sleek back mohawk hair as well.

The next rock god I can't wait to transform is Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.
Darn their good looks!

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Nina Nia Bovan said...

Aww Billie! < 3 I love Jared, too, but that hair-do...no, no! ='( his beautiful hair...
And you could also mention Anthony Kiedis (if u like RHCP, ofc =) ) & his transformations. For example, I loved the blonde hair in the period of "Californication" album!
Love your post!

chingching said...

@nina: yes yey to Billie's hair!
Thanks for liking it! :D

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