wonder girls.

Never thought the day would come that I'll be infatuated with a girl group (again). Hence, being a girl.

I reminisce the time when Spice Girls were the best waves in town. Isn't it weird how girl groups are getting smaller in numbers by the time? *cough Destiny's Child *cough TLC *cough. I thought there were strength in numbers?hmmm.

So drum roll to my latest music infatuation (and they're K-pop, mind you):

The Wonder Girls (Korean: 더걸스) are a South Korean girl group.[1][2] They are produced by singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young and are signed to his talent agency, JYP Entertainment.[2] Each of the five original members were selected through auditions. Debuting in early 2007, they became popular in the fall of that year with the song "Tell Me."[3]

Since then they have scored 3 consecutive #1 hit singles with "Tell Me", "So Hot", and "Nobody",[4] and in 2008, won two Daesangs ("Artist of the Year" Awards).[5][6]

Thank you Wikipedia for that. Oh, I'm a sucker for the classic look.

So I'd give two thumbs up with the toes included for this!

I'd give this (below) just a thumb. Either up or down, doesn't matter. This just oozes of cuteness and giggles. Oh well...

Ok so Emma and I have been foolishly practicing to the song of Nobody. We showed our dance to 4 people already and we have yet to receive an applause. So that's goodbye to any future Wonder Girls audition in the future. *sigh*

I really enjoy their choreography. Singing and dancing at the same time is difficult, mind you. Beyonce would know.

Watch its goodness from within.

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Toni/Mai said...

Ching! I <3 the Wonder Girls. Been a fan for a while now. They just released an English version of nobody yesterday! So stoked for their American album. ^^

chingching said...

u too?yey! fun au ilang vid.
and they have? wooot! u have it? pwede ko pa send?hehe. dont have limewire..:(
pretty please.

Toni/Mai said...

Yeah, sure. I'll send it as soon as the internet speeds up. ^^

chingching said...

^hugs! XD

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