pissed + Bo

I am so bummed. I punched out 3 minutes earlier than expected.

I was too excited to punch in my card first that i totally forgot what time it was. How could I be so ...so...so... I don't know. Whatever negative adjective that may appropriately fit that question. Oh well. Just come on, it's only 3 minutes! Oh gawd, why did I have to rush it?

Silent treatment slash sapot mode the whole ride from MDH.

The only thing that lightened up the fury inside of me? Bo Sanchez and his newsletters. I don't know why I haven't collected his newsletters for the past months now. I've deleted some and I regeret it, tsktsk. Oh well, makes me more aware what NOT to delete in my Inbox next time. I currently have a seperate folder of Bo's. Goes to show how I'm loving his emails.

It's free and funny. Funny and free. And serves a big slice of Soul Food. nyumnyumnyum delisyoso!

Ok, my mood is from furious to worried now. I should better stop this right now: "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but it won't get you anywhere"


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