brothers hands all over a thousand suns

I can't believe I actually made a post title combining 3 album titles. Awesomesauce!

Time for some musical review. I can't tell you how much I value my music collection. I currently have 4,374 songs = 26.95 GB in my iTunes and counting. So here are 3 albums that have been on repeat lately.

 Linkin Park- A Thousand Suns
Rating: A-
Favorites: When They Come For Me, Wretches And Kings, Iridescent

There's less screaming in Chester's part which is good coz I can finally hear his voice especially in The Messenger track. They still have Mike's wicked rhymes and Mr. Hahn's electric auto tune feel. They even added some ethnic feel and powerful messages on the entirety of their album. 

 Maroon 5- Hands All Over
Rating: B+
Favorites: Stutter, Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Hands All Over

From their previous albums up to now, there's one single element that still keeps me hooked. I have no idea what that is yet but it keeps my foot tapping all the time. But from their all too familiar rhythms, sometimes I feel like I've heard this before.

The Black Keys- Brothers
Rating: A-
Favorites: Tighten Up, Sinister Kid, Howlin' For You

After hearing about them in the Twilight's Eclipse soundtrack and then seeing their Tighten Up video, I just have to dig more on their music. I am impressed how different they are. They are old rock and blues blended into one.

One more thing, MTV asked and we, and by we, I meant the MCRmy, have answered. :) That's just how we roll. 

Happy 10/10/10 everybody. All the OCD people of the world will be out in full force ocelebrating this glorious occasion. As for me, I will be spending it with my family and my music. 

34 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

SimoneWrenRennard said...

The Black Keys are rockin' , a fine choice x

Athena. said...

Oh, I think I might have to listen to more of The Black Keys! You have a lovely blog, and on a sidenote; I adore Edgar Allen Poe. xxx

abigail oliveros said...

NO WAY!! i was JUST at Cebu a few weeks ago visiting the place for the month of September! We stayed at my dad's place at Iligan for the Sr. Miguel fiesta. We visited Bohol, and Camigan Island and a few other places. You can see some pictures when you scroll down my blog and a few older posts.

thanks for following! I'm glad another person has enjoyed reading my blog :)


abigail oliveros said...

also, the game was pretty important cause they're both tied for first-ish, but he explained to me that if they start losing in the end of the season they'll be on top :)

thanks for the comment about the bucketlist!! it took me literally ALL day and tons of research. I wanted to do more, like meet polar bears, ride a helicopter etc. but I had to minimize it :(

Violetta E. said...

magic :)

Jada C. said...

^ def. a Black keys fan too!

Adeline said...

wooo.mcrmy r000l3zzzz
ooh,come on,kol deserves love toooo <333
i fucking LOVE radioactive ;D

herwaisechoice said...

I love the cover on the Maroon 5 album. I heard that the girl on the cover is actually the photographer!

Athena. said...

Oh, thank you so much for you comment!
I've just rearranged my layout, and the follow button is at the bottom of the page now :)
You are so sweet! xxx

sweet said...

great picks of songs love...truly inspiring!!!


chow (heart+bleecker) said...

i'm digging maroon 5's latest album, however i think that they haven't seemed to evolve from their earlier work, just keep singing about the same stuff with the exact same sound. still good, anyway :)

and no, i don't speak anything but english, i think my dad didn't want my mum teaching us because he'd be left out or something :/


chow (heart+bleecker) said...

i was born in australia so i consider myself 100% aussie in that regard, just visited the philippines a couple times. my mum is actually half spanish so technically i'm only a quarter filippino, and yeah my dad is australian! x

Viki said...

yes she is, she just bought it! It's very cool! I have a mini diana and a fisheye, they're amazing!

i love maroon 5's new album, i love them and i just can't wait for buy this new cd :)


Lindsay LeBoyer said...

I love the black keys!! Thanks for your comment!


Viki said...

there are some previoust posts about my minidiana. You can see the camera in the pictures that i have in new york, and then you can see some pictures tooked by the minidiana in the post where there are underwater photos too...

jemina said...

Thanks for this post, LOVE it!!! and Happy 10 10 10 to you too, LOVE LOVE, Jemina, xoxo

Marisa said...

I love the black keys! It is my go to long drive music.

danniekate said...

happy 10/10/10! thats 42 in binary :) i loved maroon 5's first album x

Anything but Bland said...

aww! thanks for adding the blog award form me!! :) ♥

rebecca said...

the black keys are fantastic! i can't stop listening to this album, love it (:


Melanie said...

Great reviews! I think I might have to get Maroon 5's new album.


Robbie said...

thanks for the musical inspiration, just listening to maroon 5 now.


Anna Katrina said...

love the album cover

stop by sometime

abigail oliveros said...

my whole family and I moved to Canada ten years ago and last month was the only my second time visiting Philippines. I was born in Manila :)

Giovanna ♥ said...

Very nice!

SMASH said...

Yeahh Black Keys!


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

No way! I'm listening to The Black Keys at this very moment! Such a good album.

As for my Lomos, the first one I ever bought was a Supersampler. Then Holga, then Diana. You should definitely take the plunge and buy one. They are so much fun!

Trixie & Fifi said...

I love Marroon 5 but I agree with you, they're style needs to be revamped because having awesome beats and catchy hooks won't be enough if you're up against Gaga, Rihanna etc


Amy said...

I love The Black Keys and I love MCR even more!


SabinePsynopsis said...

4,374 songs?! I'm deeply impressed.

Krystal said...

I need to listen to the new Linkin Park album, I've always loved them but haven't heard this new one!

elys15 said...

maroon 5! woot! downloaded their album :)) love Never Gonna Leave This Bed esp. the acoustic version ;)

20 York Street said...

Black Eyed Peas and Maroon 5 should collaborate! that should be banging!


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♥☮Renee said...

I thought the new LP album was okay, I really love the song "Blackout" though! Chester will always be my fave from that band! I haven't listened to the new Maroon 5 album yet, but I just recently (re)discovered The Black Keys and am really loving them! I am especially loving the song "The Only One"! I am such a sucker for a good falsetto, lol. Great post! :)

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