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Impressive. So visually appealing not just because Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan portrayed a bitter sweet relationship but because it pierces straight through the hearts.

These are Screenshots of Eminem feat. Rihanna- Love The Way You Lie that sends shivers down my spine.

The collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna itself tells a story about what their relationships had been in the past. What a genuine track.

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the title of this post!



The visuals are just so amazing and it tell so much more than just a music video but it is a story of two people that love each other that are a unit, I loved your post, keep it up :).

Thank you so much for all the commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it. Much love. - Vicente Faria from Swagger Is My Friend

Paislea Elyse said...

i had never heard this, but i just watched the video. and i fell in love with the song. it's lovely!

i hope you're having a great weekend!


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

hai,,i'm really really like this song..

thx for visit mine..u can follow me too if u dont mind..

diane said...

OMG, absolutely loved this video, thanks for sharing. If you hadn't asked me to take a peek at your blog, I never would have seen it.
What is it about Eminem anyway? He's so passionate, his word go right through you.

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