coffee, cinnamon and friends

August 4-- When a good friend texts you unexpectedly and you are at the same place as her at the same time then there's nothing better to do than to talk, talk, talk over a cup of coffee. Okay so they drank coffee and I didn't, but the point in all of this is reliving past stories, refreshing the present and sharing thoughts about our future.

I was so glad to see Nicole back. It's been 2 months and I still remembered when we bowled our hearts out!

eva, cathy, nicole 

cups would be smoldering hot without the brown grab thingy

green tea, mocha, mocha then there's wheatgrass

doodles take over when i'm on a coffee shop :)

After all of this? Shopping.

11 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

Paislea Elyse said...

i love starrrr bucks!!!


dyane said...

nothing beats catching up with an old friend. :)

Nav said...

im actually addicted to Starbucks, it's ridiculous!



Lara Woodbine said...

ching i think your comment was very nice of you because you have sat there and spent time to read my blog thank you :)
i love star bucks it is really nice and those drawings are so cool!



FiSh said...

i love starbucks <3!

Nav said...

thanks for your comment, now following your lovely blog!

hope you stop by the blog again soo, we should be updating with more cool posts regularly!

have a great day!



cнlσee ραıge. said...

Yor blog is good, ill follow :)
Please follow and cmment on my blog?


Chloe Paige'Ox

Jazzabelle said...

i adore starbucks, i haven't had one in SO long though. right, that's my thursday sorted: i'm going shopping and treating myself to a starbucks! :)

love, jazzabelle. x

Jaymie said...

That food looks amazing.
mmm i love mocha frappes, theyre the best!

erin :) said...

That sounds like a gooood day. :) Thanks for sharing! Old friends are the best. :)

And I'm following you too! Excited to be a new follower. :]]

Erin :)

StyleNonsense said...

Starbucks Is Ideaal!

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