Katy Perry and Rankin

From her usual purple wig and 'California Girl' image, the lovely Katy Perry and photographer, Rankin, channels fierce in these shots.

I have yet to listen her newly released single "Teenage Dreams". Have you?
ps. I miss her purple hair just by looking at these shots. :D

4 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Lianne said...

yeah that's definitely fierce!! but i agree with you, i love the perky colorful katy perry. but dayum she still rocks it even in these pix!

thanks for visiting my blog! drop by again soon ok? :)

chingching said...

@lianne: i defntly will.

Nina Nia Bovan said...

Wow, i couldn't believe it is her! She looks so dark & different!^^

chingching said...

@nina: IKR? she looks great.

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