Bless my kuya's heart for buying his wife a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook. Awesome gift!

I haven't read other reviews for this and I have not read its specifications too, so this mini review is merely my own first hand experience.

After about 5 hours of scrutinizing the beauty that it is, I have to say that its lightweight body makes it easier for a person to carry around with one hand.
The keyboard keys are too square and a bit spaced out for me, so I kind of develop typo problems.
Its built in camera, and i have no idea how many megapixels this baby has, I can say, is crystal clear enough.
When I watch videos on it, I have to move in closer to actually listen to the dialogues/music.
It has Windows XP, it's sufficient enough.
It has no CD ROM. Has wifi and bluetooth connection.
It's 10 inch screen is not too tiny to do your work on it.

All in all, i'm liking it! A rating of 6/10.

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