Espanya is FIFA 2010 Champions!

Spain's captain Iker Casillas lifts the World Cup trophy. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

An all-European showdown tore at the nerves of two great footballing cultures as the contest threatened to run to a penalty shoot-out before Barcelona's Andrés Iniesta closed the deal with a right-foot shot four minutes from the end of extra time. source

Due to the sucky time slot that Philippines had to endure *cough 2:30AM *cough, I am always unable to wake up at that time since when I sleep, I sleep hard. No alarm clock can awaken me. It kills me that I didn't watch the finals live. But that's okay, that's what replays are for anyway.

My sincerest congratulations, kudos and Viva's! to Spain. Sure they may have conquered our country for 300 years, that doesn't mean I still hold a grudge against that. In a little way, I'm glad they did colonize us. Okay, I'm gonna stop right there with my history talking.

My bets were: South Africa, Spain, Italy and England. So 1 out of 4 made it to the finals and won that gorgeous trophy for their country.

Netherlands did a very good job as well since it has been about 23 years since they even made it to the World Cup. Congrats to the Dutch as well.

This video gave me the goosebumps. Well if Paul "The Oracle" Octopus hadn't been right then prolly no one will ever believe him again. Oh Andres Iniesta, you will be praised for a long time.

A night of celebration started in Madrid on Sunday as Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 to clinch the nation's first World Cup and take its place among international football's all-time greatest teams. (July 11, 2010)

Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!

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Nina Nia Bovan said...

YEEEEEEEES! I even cried xDD so damn happy! VILLA<3

Nina Nia Bovan said...

YEEEES!!! So damn happy!!!!!! VILLA<3

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