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Started to work out @ the gym: july 6.

After taking the NLEs, I have loads of time on my hands so I might as well use it to be productive. So a friend of mine and I enrolled for the gym and damn I'm impressed with their facilities. Other than it's my first time there, I was pretty overwhelmed as to how much time I will have to go through with my 1 month registration.

A scenario between me and a treadmill:
The trainer started the machine slow like a walking motion. I played with the buttons and got the machine speeded up into running. As I was wiping off my sweat, I accidentally flipped my towel way off my shoulder so it fell to the floor. I wanted to pick it up by stepping on the sides of the treadmill and bend over to take it but sadly as I hopped on to the sides, I got dizzy and fell off the treadmill butt first. Too embarrassed to even look around, I grabbed my towel, immediately stood up and went back on the 'mill. I was laughing the scene in my head. haha When the cardio was done I was so woozy, I had to lean against a wall to catch myself.

Routinely, it takes me 2 hours to finish everything.

The first few days were excruciating, every muscles hurt. I had to crawl to get out of bed. Now, not anymore. I'm taking it all gradually and doing portion sizes on what I eat. My goal is to lose the extra fat I gained from the 20 day seclusion phase.

Good luck to moi. Commitment is definitely everything.

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