Bang Bang Splat!

July 15, 2010- That's the sound someone makes when they target an automatic paintball gun at someone else's behind from a 10 feet distance. And believe me, it still leaves a bruise.

WebOss Extreme Ground: Paintball Contact Details

Game Site Address:
Tarona Compound, Holy Family 1, Banilad Cebu City
(dapit sa flyover sa A.S.fortuna)

Php 300 per person for 4 hours with free 50 balls
Php 5 per ball - if the customer wants to buy extra ball

More details: www.weboss.ph

Mental Note: call them up in advance so they could prepare all the guns. In our case, we just walked in and thank goodness, there wasn't anyone else before us so we had all the afternoon for fun.

My friends and I were planning this for a year but never really got around to doing it. Finally, since everyone had all the time in the world, I  was inviting people to come and play. 12 people showed up so that's more than I expected. Thank you Rhe, Stef, Ev, Jacky, Vince, Jer, Erwin, Sienes, July, Aby and Alron for being part of the hooplah.

the guns (manual/automatic)

the pellets- these babies hurt like hell when you're caught off guard

the green team with their 'war face' on!

the killing field.

happy sweaty faces.

We were divided into two batches since there were only up to 10 guns, and each batch played 3 games. When the time came that it was girls vs. the girls, all of us were too scared to even make a move or corner the other team for fear of getting shot. The referee kept telling us to be on our defense but all that time we were hiding and trying to find the enemy. And when it was the boys' turn, they were killing mercilessly at each other. I guess they were thrilled that they finally have a hands on feeling on what war could be like rather than just playing it on their computer. Haha

I was breathing so hard that my mask eventually fogged up and the gun was too heavy for me. I was hiding until I can secretly shoot the other team one by one. And I did. Well, that is until it was the other way around.

I guess I have to mention all the bruises we've gone home with. I especially got a nasty one at my right butt cheek. I would love to show a picture but a perfect description of its brownish, purplish and reddish circumference the size of a golf ball is sufficient enough. Plus, the head shot on the right side of my head had me dizzied. Eva had a taste of a free-floating pellet shot on her right shoulder while she was just out of the game and was just taking picture of the game. It was the funniest scenario ever.

Oh look-y. Pictures!
mine. at the right butt cheek.

steffi's. on her right shoulder.

eva's. on her right thigh.

Now I'm home to tell this story and to find some ice.
At least I've got a story to tell on how my BAD ASS bruise came about. :D

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