Paolo Nutini FTW!

Is it me or are almost all of my favorite Indie bands are following me lately?

I love that I love indie. The mainstream ones have too much exposure anyway (i still love the mainstreams, you know who you are *wink). So if the Indies get the exposure then they'll be mainstream indies. Noooooo! :D

First there was diane birch.
and now @PaoloNutini jumps in my band wagon!


However much you want me, I swear I'll make you want me more - "Alloway Groove" by Paolo Nutini.

The Scottish have the most luring accents. I went to church one Sunday and a Scottish priest was conducting the mass. I was closing my eyes and listening intently to his accent and silently mimicking it. Hoping that nobody noticed, I enjoyed his R's, O's and L's. You know how Scotts always does it. Top of da morning to ya! and the like..haha

It was a joy to have heard him. I know where to go next time to hear mass.

1 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Candice said...

That's overwhelming to see an indie band following you! :D

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