she's a mess.

I was off to a celebratory graduation dinner with my close friends. The next thing I know we were boozing it up. Shots all around. I keep LOL-ing like crazy at the most trivial of things like my friend's Zac Efron like hair, and the way everyone is reddening up like a tomato coz they were so drunk. That night was stupid and fun. There were some action: fist bumping, face slapping, card games, body shots and everything else in between. Funny how all of this is gonna turn out in the morning. I keep throwing my friend's cellphone and camera because I hate it when people photograph me at my silliest. There were scratches on it. But not my fault, I told him not to.

I was LSS-ing to Justin Bieber's Baby and LMFAO's Shots. There should be a mash up on that. And then I remembered Cobra Starship's Hot Mess video. Ding ding ding! that's me. I think.

Anywho, good friends as they were, they got me home safe. Still drunk thought but still capable of tweeting misspelled tweets. Ha! I kept recalling how they got me home last night and how miraculously, I wasn't crawling on the floor when I got home. I keep wondering if some of the actions were a dream. Did that actually happen?

I didn't text them the day after. Still too berserked that my friend would be angry about his gadgets all scratched up. He'll get over it.

Hot mess. That was me.

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Nina Nia Bovan said...

hahaha xD i loved the descriptions. xD and yeah, he will get over...xD don't worry he won't even remember it

chingching said...

@nina: no one ever does after all that booze we had. ahaha

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