starbucks cup art

No one has any idea I'm aching for coffee which is a rare event coming from me. It's heating up outside and I want coffee? Nice... Well, it's the cold frap from Starbucks I'm dying for.

Since The-All-Majestic Starbucks is an hour away from my house, I went to Professor Google instead and googled in the magical caffeine monster and with such spectacle my eyes are the ones at thirst.

I seriously am enjoying the art:

and ones I've seen from devianArt:

I envy their talent. T_T And oh, I seem to remember a certain someone who owes me a frap!

5 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

ava estrella said...

nice! I like that first photo :)

aw. I'm Craving for some Coffee Jelly! :|

chingching said...

@ava: i fave on the second one!XD
ooohh coffee jelly ..

dyane said...

aww. seeing this made me crave for starbucks.
me want a venti of choco chip! lol.

rilychan said...

you're sooooo good! o__O <3

and btw
the mag it's called " Illustration " :]
it's from UK
it has many great ideas and such :D

chingching said...

@rilychan: hehe. thanks. :D
ooohh it's only in UK? hhmmm bummer.

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