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My lappy was busted even before I bought the most valuable thing in technological history!

I have been itching to buy a portable hard drive and now is the time to do so because I don't want my pictures, music, videos and movies to be deleted just because of some stupid, malicious, evil virus/es. It pains me when I look back at my deleted files. Huhu. This happened twice and every time I reformat, it always breaks my heart because I have to start all over again.

I'm determined to buy 500GB of pure solid awesomeness but too confused as to which brand:

USB 2.0 Portable Hard Disk with Turbo PC

- Slim design and lightweight
- TurboPC - Increases your file transfer speed!
- Plug-n-Play - ready for immediate use
- USB powered - no power supply needed
- SecureLockMobile™ software for Windows® PC encrypts your data,preventing unauthorized access

My Passport Essential
Ultra-portable Hard Drives
500 GB, USB 2.0

 Smaller. Smarter. Safer.
Our smallest portable drive ever is also our smartest with visual, automatic, continuous backup and password protection.

Samsung S2 Portable 500 GB

Samsung provided us with two drives for review: the 2.5” S2 with a 500 GB capacity, and its 1.8” little brother named the S1 (details on the next page). The HXMU050DA is Samsung’s current flagship model, but you can also get 320 GB, 250 GB, and 160 GB capacity units. All of these are based on a USB 2.0 interface and come in four different colors: black, brown, red, or white. Compared to other portable storage products, which are typically black or at least somewhat dark in shade, the S2 Portable provides styling that might be a better match for the fairer sex and style-crazed kids.

There are more brands out there, I know, but these are the ones I've narrowed down to.
Do you have a portable hard drive? Any words of advice before I buy?

7 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Elaine New said...

im also thinkin of buyin one of these external hard drives. haha.

chingching said...

@elaine: whew so im not alone in my journey.. let me know if u bought one already. :D

tomato cafe said...

I'd love to have My Passport but back then I could only afford a 250G hard drive. haha. from experience Seagate is also reliable, I've had mine for over a year--showed no signs of going *&$W&$RW*&R!!! :D

chingching said...

@tomato: thank u.. ill look into Seagate. :D

tim said...

wow, awesome, great technology coming in now..

elys15 said...

i suggest the WD ;)

chingching said...

thanks guys for the suggestion!

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