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It's 5 hours until Oscar time and I'm still watching movies. Yey me!

Nominated for: Best in Art Direction, Best Original Score

Downey Jr. nailed his role very well. Too well in fact that I wish there were subtitles in it. He talks too fast and too british-y for my taste. The plot is intricate and exciting. I enjoyed their little boats of fits with each other. They are brothers in bond indeed. I really like it when a movie makes me look back and think "Oh yeaaahh.." It makes my brain percolate. And maybe a part 2 is wriggling in their somewhere.

Nominated for: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Editing
Wow!!! Suspense at its very best. Bomb technicians have the most intricate and heart-stopping job there is. Every scene is a visual stunner and sometimes too much camera movements made me woozy. When a newbie soldier joins in on a team, his teammates discover his reckless and spontaneous side as he tries to defuse bombs while staying alive. Emotions rise up as he doesn't stay on the track most of the time. And most of the time, bombs just start booming off! What a graphic, visual and gripping film. The cost of war is high price. Now most men couldn't handle it but there are some who rises above the situation. He rises way too much that a life back home seems to mediocre than his life on war. I rarely enjoy Iraq war films but with an exception of The Kingdom and The Hurt Locker, I have found these kinds of films to be real and exhilarating.


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