82nd Academy Awards frame by frame

very very happy wth how the Academy Awards turned out. :D

let me give you a frame by frame on how the night turned out, as much as I can remember:

Neil Patrick Harris's musical intro didn't wow me much coz I could hardly hear him sing. Showgirls added a little touch to the glamour. The stage is beautifully assembled. I love the revolving screens and the glittering background.

What perfect chemistry to Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Their humor is intoxicating. 
I love the part when they said: 

"Oh wait, Al, is that the director of Avatar, James Cameron?" They peer at him, and then put on their 3-D glasses.

Another: When Kathryn Bigelow learned she was nominated against her ex Cameron, she sent him a fruit basket -- with a timer. And he reciprocated by sending her a Toyota.

The League of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) showcased their talents while performing to the best scores in a film such as Up, The Hurt Locker, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. I have to say it was artistic and wonderfully interpreted.

My bet for Best Supporting Actor,Christoph Waltz,. and Actress, Mo'Nique, were right on the spot!!! They nailed their roles and they deserve it. Both played antagonistic roles and I hated both of them! They are that good, that I hated their characters.

Congrats to Best Actor, Jeff Bridges. I haven't seen his movie yet coz I was rooting for Jeremy Renner to win. ahaha

The fighting bit between Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious. Writers vs. Actors!

Kudos to Best Actress, Sandra Bullock, for her role in The Blind Side. It was either Precious or The Blind Side. Either way, she deserved it. That movie made my heart break and glued back together again. 

Congrats to The Hurt Locker for all their winnings, and most of all for Best Director and Best Picture! The film is so remarkable and is so worth watching and for a female director to finally have a say on directing and being acknowledged is a milestone in the film industry. Kudos! 

Here's some moments that I got from IMDB.com:

Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman's costar from Shawshank Redemption, talks about friendship and quotes Freeman from those days on the set: "Being a friend is about getting the other a cup of coffee, can you do that for me, Ted?"

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choknat said...

tungkol saan ang movie na the hurt locker?

chingching said...

@choknat: it's about a team who are assigned in iraq to diffuse bombs. one new member is reckless and could get himself and his team mates killed if he doesn't listen. and Iraq has whole loads of bombs they keep planting in their public places.

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