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Nominated for: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Supporting Actor, Best Achievement in Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Editing, Best in Sound Mixing, Best in Sound Editing

I seriously love the idea of the Jews taking revenge at the Nazis. This was directed in different chapters and yet it still intertwines. What an epic film. Every story got me cringing at the edge of my seat not because of the sight of scalp being scraped off their Nazi heads but because of how this movie is perfectly executed and how the characters (even in their deep German accents) stay true to their role. Pitt had the funniest accent. Revenge is sweeter once the Nazis had a taste of their own evil medicine. Bravo to this!

Nominated for: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actress, Best Achievement in Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Achievement in Editing,

Precious. This breaks my heart and yet it opens my mind. This movie is so good that my heart felt sorry for her so much that I want to take her away and lead her to the land of milk and honey. But that movie is reality. Reality is the life she lives. To be with a mother who hates you that much and having 2 kids by the age of 16 by her own father and barely even knows how to read and write is just too much to bear. She is such a strong woman that I applaud her! The performance was so real and searing that you're just forced to sympathize with Precious.


Nominated for: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Screenplay, Best Achievement in Editing, Best Visual Effects

Documentary-ish films keeps me confused. But this doesn't. This provides a new way of looking at things and how an alien and a human can actually form a bond of friendship is beyond wonderful. Everything makes it so real and true. My heart aches how the human stays like an alien like that for a while until his alien friend comes back. I wonder if District 10 is in the works...


Nominated for: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor

What a riveting experience. A glimpse how an unselfish president gives so much in the form of rugby. A very educational film as well, I've got to know rugby and Mr. Mandela. What a boxed up corner he had lived in on those prison days. The soundtrack is really good, I guess African themes are on my iTunes now. Wonderfully mixed and powerfully delivered. This is such a powerful message to anyone, not only among sports enthusiasts, but among a nation. I teared up on the championship tournament, a whole lot of dirt and grime but still the gold is theirs. I never knew South Africa is awesome. I never knew also that were still color issues at that time. That game brought them together. Truly remarkable film.

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