our 100 nyts in a DVD

Our actual 100 nyts night and now I have only just purchased the DVD that came along with it with a price of 250php.

So I planned to watch this together with SG (Jer, Julz, Jak and Emz) on an afternoon and we did! We assembled our junk foods, Cheetos and V-Cuts for the munching and crunching that they have provided us, and we watched the afternoon until the evening away.

I have to say the video ain't half bad, but there are times when I just want the camera to stay still and focus on a single person or a certain eye candy in the dances. Ha! Although its 4 hours long and some of the scenes were too boring for my eyes to stay awake to, I have to say props to us! Props to everything and to everyone!

Our 4J dance was LOLz.
4I was gaga-stacular.
4B and 4E had loads of eye candy.
4R was most entertaining.
4H offered terrific dance routines.
4C was most comical.
Everything else was a blur. :D

2 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Aimee said...

oh! you're from CDU diay? haha.. this is nice.. i have lots of classmates and schoolmates there :D

chingching said...

@aimee: yep i'm from cdu.
really? awesome. nursing pud sila? wooot!

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