Percy Jackson

Date I started reading Percy Jackson and The Olympians: January 20, 2009

Thanks to a good friend who has lend me the first 4 books which, I have come to know the adventures of demigod, Percy Jackson. I really find this book humorous and paced with action. The first person POV and his sarcasm mix well that I find myself laughing and cringing with anticipation. I like this book because there are different reference to Greek Gods.
It's like learning mythology again but in an easier not dreadful way.

In Book 1, the funniest part would be meeting Cebrecus, and Percy hoping not to get squashed by the dog's hinds as Annabeth distracts doggie with a ball.

Oh Book 2, I can't imagine Percy holding on to those carnivorous sheeps. And the NOBODY scene was hilarious.

As for you Book 3, Apollo appears cooler than I thought. <3

Book 4 ain't half bad, especially reading the part where Percy has to clean up football fields filled with manure!

As for the movie posters, here they are:

Those posters are convincing too. Let's hope they pull this off nicely. The one on the top is my vote!

So, have you read the book yet? Or will you go beeline to the movie theaters?

5 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

モイラ said...

huaaa what an interesting books >.< better try to read it kekeke thanks for the info :P

stella said...

hala cool lagi iyang book cover. naa ni sa national?

chingching said...

@morla: really interesting.. appeals to the sarcastic side in everybody. ahaha

@stella: yep. tag 249 man guru.

rich said...

Oh so the coming movie is based on a book too? When I saw the trailer, at the beginning I think it's Harry Potter, then I realized iba characters... XD

Do they have the same style?

chingching said...

@rich: that's what i thought so too! its harry potter-ish coz the director is Chris Columbus who directed the 1st HP. there are some references to "half bloods" in the percy jackson book as well. :D

are u a big HP fan?

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