bye picu.

Headnursing this baby was fun and too easy. The PICU area is limited for 6 patients.
I'm just wondering how the rest of the headnurses felt in the other wards with a census of 40+. Yikes!

My 1st week was rough, with a death toll of 1 a day for 4 days straight. Post mortem care doesn't even sound scary anymore. But the emotions run deep in the place. Too many things going in such short time and often too little things go on with such a vast amount of hours still laying ahead of me. Back to headnuring, I was taught the ropes by my co headnurse. Such a nice guy. I basically let him do the writing for me, observation was my forte. So this was headnursing.

My 2nd week was stressing coz now I have to teach the ropes to my newbie headnurse (hi jacky!). She learned, I learned. It's a great deal. The staff nurses and charge nurses there are sooooooo nice, I feel bad for not being too nice at all. I'm learning basic nice etiquettes again.

My 3rd week was a handful. AM shift means a lot of doctors rounding about with their swishing white coats (oohhh la la) and loads of orders to carry. This week was the real test of headnursing-ness! And I aced it!

This experience was wonderful. Who knew 3 weeks flew that fast? Nice people, I'll never forget.

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hana. said...

are you a nurse? is it tough?

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