things simple

This week is Midterms Weeks (only one subject though)
This week is CHN affiliation Week (same as last week)
This week was our Regather Shindig Week (oh my my my)

Despite the hectic two weeks that I've had, the simple things made me smile. Who knew that last week's Basak duty and this week's Marigondon duty was fun. Our professors made it easy for us too. Bless their hearts. My dutymates made it even easier.

Found this inflated leaf. It has air inside and i don't know what specie it is. Fascinating. It seriously is inflated *poke *poke

Walked by from a jeepney stop near Cabantan and walked to our friend's dorm when viola! we notice a permanent cement mark on the sidewalk. It's Spice Girl without an S. Awwwww. Reminds me of my friends.

Look it's a kid! Coz a goat's baby is called a kid. Get it? Get it? ahaha. We named her/him Baby Ding (short of Kanding). No, Ding's not dead. He/She is jus resting and I'm taking photos of Ding like crazy.

Just keeping things simple.

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