review: Ke$ha

It's time for everyone's daily dose of musical chill pill in the form of Ke$ha's Animal.

Animal is the debut album of American singer-songwriter Kesha, released January 5, 2010 on RCA Records in the United States. -wiki

01 Your Love Is My Drug
02 TiK ToK
03 Take It Off
04 Kiss N Tell
05 Stephen
06 Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)
07 Hungover
08 Party At A Rich Dudes House
09 Backstabber
10 Blind
11 Dinosaur
12 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
13 Boots and Boys
14 Animal
15 VIP

Favorite: Dinosaur, TiK ToK, Stephen, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Review: A very upbeat pop-y record by the 22 year old who sings about old men and loads of partying. If you're looking for something to dance to in front of your mirror with an imaginary microphone at hand aka hairbrush then this is for you. You'll turn into an animal in no time. Other reviews consider this record as "vapid" and I know why, there's little heart in this at all. This keeps my feet tapping but doesn't keep me on my toes. I'd give it a B+. 

Have you had your shot of Ke$ha's Animal yet?

3 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

reanne said...

i like her song tiktok :)

♥ missisbean said...

Wasnt familiar with this one. But I'll see. :) Seems nice.

Linked you already ching. :)

chingching said...

@reanne: tik tok is so fun to dance to!

@misisbean: hey thanks for the link. This album is worth the listen. :D

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