Micheal and Gabriel aren't the best of friends

The Plot: An out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in humankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner with the Archangel Michael (Bettany).  source.

My Review: Legion left me questions unasked. Such as, why the heck is the baby so important? Is he the only baby left in the world? There was 70% action and flat ended humor lines. The acting was disappointing. and the plot isn't as gripping. Reminds me a bit of Constantine (Keanu Reeves) without the black suit but a whole lot of guns, a diner and freaky grandma. The good part is both Angel Gabriel and Micheal portrayed well.

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