how the beginning of my 2010 went


We took our annual family picture with a color theme in mind-this time, it's green. The whole process took about an hour to do because we had to argue as to who gets to sit beside where. It was so funny to watch that it almost looked like that beginning clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We were such a ruckuss and the "photographer" didn't help either.

And instead of opening our gifts on Christmas Day, we did it on New Year's  Day. Our camera didn't have enough space to record the whole thing but I could describe it as a mini tornado with all those wrappers whirling from every direction. No papercut recorded. That's a relief. The gifts we all got had a little kick of humor in it while someone got an Apple iPod shuffle 3rd generation, Patrick Star, a cooling fan, a shovel and a watch that almost didn't work. LOLz



Let's rewind the part about the Apple iPod shuffle. That morning mama woke me up to tell me she wants to buy me an External hard drive and an ipod for my lil bro. I was so happy that I sprung up immediately while my bro was too sleepy to even hear her.

Fast forward: I didn't get what I wanted but my lil bro did get his. He was smiling from ear to ear when he got this. I was happy that he was happy coz I know I'm gonna get a chance to borrow that from him one day. *evil snicker*

Let me go all techie on you for a second: This Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation is the smallest mp3 player you can buy. It's as light as a feather and as small as a paper clip. You get to control the volume and music on the headphone area. Phew.

But all the material things don't matter, it's the love that comes with it. Period.
How was your New Year?

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