day 1 of 2010

Reserved my whole night and dawn with the masters yesterday. A little celebration we stirred up from the moment.

From the I.T. park, Ayala, The Strip then to TOPS, the road was our friend and the air made us shiver. This is my first time encountering a most drafty new year.

We were a little too stirred up because of the jokes we keep throwing at each other. And that incident on The Strip was memorable. They wanted our i.d's but when we gave it to them they looked on our faces instead to determine our age. Silly goose!

Wonderful how after 8 years we still have our funny bone in tact and we never tire of it.
Day 1 of 2010 yeah?

3 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

モイラ said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOUU and your whole family ;D

stella said...

hi ching! happy new year!

chingching said...

happy new year to u too guys!
be sure to rock 2010!~

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