albums that rocked my 2009

Albums by albums they release themselves when the music industry has something percolating up in their creative kettle. As a good music lover that I am, I listen by records now and not solely by singles. Why have a slice when I can have the whole musical cake?

I've been battling as to showing mercy to my runner-ups, but top 10 is (count 'em) only 10! It breaks my heart sometimes but here are the babies that didn't make on my list:

-Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi
-The Element of Freedom by Alicia Key
-She Wolf by Shakira
-Jennifer's Body OST
-500 Days of Summer OST
-Tonight by Franz Ferdinand
-Disco Heaven by Lady Gaga
-No Line on the Horizon by U2
-Hot Mess Deluxe Edition by Cobra Starship
-All I Ever Wanted by Kelly Clarkson
-Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls

Here are the top 10 albums* released in 2009 that rocked my iPod, iTunes, VLC and Windows Media Player:

*albums may pertain to movie soundtracks as well.
**ranking is based on the number of play counts and how much genius-ness is put on every track

#10: The Boy Who Knew Too Much by MikaI loved his first album and it's not stopping me to do the same with this one.
Fave: Touches You

#9: This Is War by 30 Seconds to MarsWoooooaaaaaaaaaah. This gave me goosebumps.
Fave: Night of the Hunter

#8:Sunny Side Up by Paolo NutiniIt has a rasta relaxed feel to it. I've always appreciated Mr. Nutini and his raspy voice. He's Scottish and that's a rare leap for someone like him.
Fave: No Other Way

#7: Brand New Eyes by Paramore
They brought this in nicely. I seriously expected more from them.
Fave: The Only Exception

#6: Twilight Saga: New Moon OSTI don't know what genre I could categorize the songs in here. It's a laid back, rock, twilight-y feel. Very nice collection.
Fave: Friends- Band of Skulls

#5:The Fame Monster by Lady GagaDisco Heaven sounded too pop-py for me. The Fame Monster wasn't and this didn't talk about anything materialistic nor of fame at all.
Fave: Speechless

#4: The Blueprint 3 by Jay-ZHip Hop. I've come to love it through this album.
Fave: Venus Vs. Mars

#3: 21st Century Breakdown by Green DayThe wait was worth it when this was released. Every track caught me by the vocal cord and it still has its sense of American Idiot in it as well.
Fave: Peacemaker

#2: Ocean Eyes by Owl CityFresh and sweet. I find humour in Dental Care and The Bird and Worm while the romance that exudes in Vanilla Twilight and Saltwater Room is awwwww <3.

#1: The Resistance by MuseThis is my crowning glory. Their unique transition to classical then rock then to pure awesomeness (just listen to the Exogenesis tracks) makes me want to dance in cloud nine. I seriously love this.
Fave: United States of Eurasia; Exogenesis

I hope I didn't bore you.


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