merry christmas part 2

merry christmas from the masters.

The night of december 25 and the morning of december 26 was our playground.
I miss you guys. I'm glad you forced me in this.

It's amazing how we haven't met for so long and now it feels like time flies by so fast. The conversation we had on the rooftop was one of the deepest ones I've had yet. How we tackled on religion, death, outer space, the unknown and how there could be another universe conversing like what we did on that moment was epic and LOL. How my guy friends opened up to their love problems was a first.

We got hungry again so we went out for pizza. Lao2's treat. Yes! Scary part was the driving. The highway was our roller coaster and our driver had a little too much to drink. Seatbelts check! And yes we all went home safe.


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