week 2 done

This week was week 2 at CDUH DR AM shift with Mrs. Betonio.

We only lasted for 4 days though coz the fifth day was a holiday. I kinda didn't want DR duty to end. I was having fun there. I was really happy coz I was challenged intellectually. Then again, there have been 2 deaths within that week. Scary much to be in NICU. I enjoyed being at the Nursery, that was the best part.

On an even happier note: since I've been sleeping over at julien's for 2 weeks. I thought I might want to give out a thank you action by making us some smores. Well, we did. It was tasty and dang sweet to the core but the marshmallows hardened up too fast it was almost like rubbery cement. We were pulling the marshmallowes from the plate like tug of war.ahaha

I'm really thankful Julien had let me sleep over at her house for the first 2 weeks of duty. I really hope I haven't been a nuisance to her at all. I'm really liking her family, and I think they're really liking me too. With this face who wouldn't? ahaha. They're such fun loving people.
PLUS! a happy birthday to my beautiful sister in law, Ate Kaye. Much love for tha cake, ice cream and spaghetti.
PLUS! It's Labor Day today. ahaha. Makes me think of women in labor today at DR. lolz

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