Dang! Let's get out at once!
Too late. We were surrounded by about 4 people; one holding the hand held cam, other one with the mic and the other people probably just helping out wth the ambush.

Julien, Emma and I were just waiting for our specific jeep to arrive when they came and invaded our private space. Tsktsk.. so this is how they want it huh?

So we found out that they were actually from the NBN station and wants random people's opinion on what they think of Gov. Gwen Garcia banning Bikini Shows after what happened at Bantayan Island during the Holy Week. We we were stuttering to find our answers and finally had no choice but to blurt it out no matter how dumbfounded I was on that situation.

"I'm okay with the bikini shows being banned because no good ever comes out of those. It shows too much skin and doesn't send out a good message to the youths. But then again, this is the 21st century, showing some skin is normal and conservative is way too over rated now."


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