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So summer duty has begun for me.

It's already day 2 and it's been a whirlwind. And i think I might have had something to do with my patient vomiting minutes after I gave him his NGT feeding. I know I reviewed the basics, check tube placement, elevate head of bed and slowly introduce the feeding. My only concerns are: it must have been the new anitbiotic drug that we included in the feeding that caused it, or his extreme coughing. I really want my client to recover, but getting to an accident with an electrocuted live wire isn't that easy. He's lucky to have a dad like he has. His father is ever so there for him. I pray for him to get well.


I've seen pictures of other people having a ball on their summer. How bout me? Am i doomed to be warped in this virtual hooplah? I want to get out there but sadly no invitations have come up for me yet. My family has wanted to go to Boracay but seriously, us? traveling? It's been about 10 years since we've even travelled as a family. But no worries, that day will come. I know it will.

Are my friends and I growing apart? I meant specifically between cole, madz and me. Maybe, I'm thinking way too hard. Or i'm over analyzing this way too weirdly. Silent awkwardness here they come... or so i think. ahaha
im considering whether to twitter or not?

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