movie date: T2

I had a movie date with my girl buds: rhea, stef, eva and kristian. And what do we have here? another 'friend' came along. The more the merrier I always say.

We went off and watched T2. My review: It has definitely been a while that I had my panties scared off by the Philippine movie industry, the last horror film was Sukob by Kris Aquino. This horror film was, how shall i say this more subtly?, more... more... disappointing. The plot was no where near interesting. There were those thrilling moments but sadly, it just ends there. I left the movie house saying "Okkkaaayyy.......".

After the film we went to Moon Cafe and ordered us some grub. It was my first time there so I randomly chose from the menu, staying away from the extravagantly priced meals, I chose pasta: Spaghetti Ala Moon. To my surprise it had more sauce than pasta! That's what I get for being random and not asking...grrr.
Mental note: Never go random without a recommendation from friends on what grub you'll be feasting on.

Strolling. That's the word more likely for us after we had ate. Strolling then eating desserts at Bo's Coffee Club. Their Red Velvet Cake was in its sense, red, and tasty.

Then we slagged some more and talked and talked and laughed in between as well. Glad I went with that movie date. Oh we made after-duty plans for us. Exciting eh?


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