The final week of summer duty at CDUH OR PM shift is over. Sadly it is. I was kinda getting used to the places and faces and the surgeons..ahaha. It's like i was part of the surgical team for a single moment. Made myself useful even if I was mostly located on the back table.

Just goes to show how OCD people are over there. Well they definitely should be or else it wouldn't be what it's supposed to be. I'm mostly gonna miss Dr. B. Handsome fellow and worked well with Dr. R. And don't get me started on Dr. R, he's someone you don't wanna mess with coz he's gonna mess you up first.

I'm gonna miss group 35A and our new dutymates too. Hugs guys! I know there are some awkward back biting moments in there somewhere but in the end we're one group. We should really learn to get along or die. ahaha. Kid!


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