I love dancing but I haven't exceled in it yet.

When I watched America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 at Julien's house last night. I was more in awe and surprise coz that was my first time ever watching that show and I lost track of time so I slept over her house instead. Ok back to the dancing, I would compare my dancing to be so inferior from theirs. I don't even know what those other steps were. So for 9 hours I was hypnotized by their unique, genuine and true styles of dancing.

Oh how I wish I could dance like that. And to think, I've always wanted a dance studio in my house, if ever I have my own houe yet. I'm more on the mellodic, soft, ballet-ish side.

I was rooting all the way for Dynamic Edition. Dang, they were cloggers in nature but they were slamming everyone else in the face. Even if they were eliminated, that doesn't compare to the originality that they've given to that show.

All the other crews were so in their element that I loved them as well. Where have I been all this time? I've been missing out on this awesome show. Gaaaah silly time frame and geographical difference. A talent show I wanted to see and that's what I definitely got.


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