movie date: angels and demons + escapade

Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Hanks) finds himself in Rome, where he has to race against time to prevent the Illuminati, a secret society, from putting in motion a terrorist act that could destroy the Vatican. He's aided in his quest by the beautiful Italian scientist Vittoria Vetri (Zurer).

my review:

I am so glad this was not in any way connected to the Da Vinci's Code coz I swear I've never been able to finish watching the latter for reasons of boredom and unsparked interest.
Back to Angels and Demons, this was wonderfully thought out. Another thriller mind maze keeping me at the edge of my seat with no popcorn in hand for fear of choking (it may happen!).

This was the best yet of 2009 for me. I loved how the movie is letting me travel to Rome at the same time because my summer is only limited to the plastic swimming pool we have backyard. Oh, the Vatican unsurprisingly did not give the filmmakers permission to shoot on its sacred grounds; most everything you'll see will be a loving re-creation of St. Peter's Square and the buildings that surround it.

I was surprised this didn't cause quite a stir with the Church unlike the last one. All in all, the movie was harmless and wonderful. It all ended on a good note, then twist, then good note again. I left the theater satisfied.


Another escapade with the girls!

Did i mention that I had a nightout with steffi, rhea, eva and kristian last May 15, 16 & 17. We went all over the clubs, then ayala then their houses. I was glad we didnt drink too much. I can't stand it if anyone of us got drunk. I slept two night in a row at steffi's. She was so kind to offer me an extra day to sleep at her house since they were worried for me travelling very late at night.


Finally I got out of my house and went out and about with them.


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