seashells by the seashore fun

march 23, 2009- at blue reef, lapu-lapu with the following chuvas:

julien (hot J)
jed (cool J)
jereme (gay J)
padin (P)
feliz (F)
lucille (L)
angelie (A)
soque (S or D)
marissa (M)
beng (B)
chad (scary)

more exclusive pics at lucilleching2.multiply.com
*some parts shall remain a secret, u know who u are*

kisses for everyone also!!!

from kristian

for jereme

and then for everyone else also!

This was the most fun and the most dangerous trip i've ever had.

It was fun in the sense that I was even invited. It was fun that they are all out for anything. It was fun that they brought food, games and drinks. The company is what it's all about.

It was dangerous in a sense that I tripped coz of too much dancing, a slippery floor and a woozy head. The pain is mostly on my left butt cheek and on my left head now. I'm glad the damage wasn't extensive at all. I'm glad they were there to help me out no matter what my condition was. It was silly of me to cry so hard after that fall. But that's my coping mechanism, I can't help but equip myself with it.

the after math of me falling carelessly...

But seriously though, even though their circle of friends is limited only to their friends. I was seriously grateful that they even invited me. The thought of them thinking of letting me come along to their trip was most joyful. I was saddened that I left it on a depressing note coz of all my crying. Don't worry I'll make it up to you guys! I swear!


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