birthday sunshine

-Nicole's Birthday Dinner was sure something. We drawed by lots which restaurant we wanted to dine into because we were so indecisive, we let fate determine it for us. lol

Once upon a birthday, we were at Bigby's...
the fabulous birthday girl, Nicole, ordered her mouth-watering 2 piece chixies.
Madz here ordered a 'sharky' pie

Emma dear ordered 'porky' bowl

Kathylynn darling loved her 'steamy' porkchop

and well, myself went bloated with a plate of her Chix Ahoy.

We adored the singing they gave for Nicole, the food and the love as well.
Then we left happily ever after.

Updates on my life:
-Finals has come to a halt and Graduation is speeding up every little bit that it is. I'm so happy that my finals score is a 70/100. I'm thankful and happy with what I have.

-Our clearance is still not up to speed than i hoped it would be really. I hope our RLE Box would be it's outmost amazingness.
-Julien and I saw our previous psych patient at Banag-laum outside of SM earlier today. He was doing okay but he kinda insisted on asking for Julien's number...ahaha. He gave out his regards for Jacky too. Ahaha, this made my eyes open more on how every possible person could have been a pscyh patient some time before they even led normal lives.

-Julien invited me to their group outing this Monday. I can' wait.

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