I've finally put myself up to speed with my downloaded movies. I hate letting it all collect 'internet' dust

救人七命(Seven Pounds) Pictures, Images and Photos

Seven Pounds

This is something. I was watching this with my mom which in turn prevented me from choking up a tear. It's hard for me to write up a review because it is in it's own sense complicated yet so moving. This movie beguiles the viewers and makes them want more. I was definitely hooked on to Ben Thomas's (Will Smith) secret for a while until i finally got the gist of it all. Their performance was spectacular that it reverberates in every string of my soul. Exceptional indeed.

Changeling Pictures, Images and Photos


So it's the police against innocent citizens huh? Another arousing feelings of intense sadness or pity, especially because it involves suffering or tragic events. Period.

yes man Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes Man.

Lovely. Another funny piece by Mr. Carey.

*notice how my review on this post gets scantier and scantier. it denotes my amount of interest in it, that's all. :) *



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