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With the Ms. Valentines heading fast up like a speeding bullet, it's no wonder that I'm coming home super late from a meeting that often I have nothing to contribute to. I'm a wallflower during those SBO times. We have 1 week to get everything done for Feb14's Ms. Valentines 2009.

Then again, there's the Garland meetings. Finally, I have everything resolved and I'll be getting half of the downpayment for me to give to the florist and let her do her magic thing on the garland wristlets for 687 fourth years. This pink rose with 2 pink mumps was the winner casted upon by other group members..yes!

Now this problem is out of the picture, let's move on to my accessories for the Garland. My mom and I went to various jewelers. We had a ball just trying them on and putting one more and more to the list that we're racking up our brains which one to choose. We decided either to A. buy the silver necklace with red accents on it (to match my red gown) or B. buy the complete set of diamond necklace with earrings that's oh so magnificent and sorry i have no clue how big of a karat it has..hehe

ill probably go with B. not only does the silver necklace highlight my gown but it will serve more purpose for more events in years to come. Letter A would not be too useful if it only goes well with red. tsk tsk.

and ATR finally received my package. that package was definitely for her, a thank you gift from the mcr poster she gave me last march. no peeking on the ribbony-gift until ur 18th bday dear.


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Anonymous said...

oh ching u used to be my vday date last yea rmb? haha!

chingching said...

i rmmber dear. now u got a boy in ur life..weee. have fun with ur dates!

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