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Ok so my Psych duty is at its 2nd week now. Requirements and a dose of case conference is piling up to compete with Mt. Everest.

So i have a new patient, Bryan. He's 15 and he's so cute! He'll be the crush ng bayan in school if he wasn't mentally ill. The poor boy keeps stuttering and doesn't smile at all. Like what the Supervisor said, "appearance just doesn't completely cut it". No one can ever really tell what lies beneath the skin unless the person starts talking or takes action.

Little did I know, my first patient, Edu, was ready for discharge. When i went to try looking for him yesterday I was shocked to see his big brown bag labeled 'EDU' laying on his bed and his clothes placed neatly inside it. I was happy for him, I guess that he's well, but I was sad that I have to make new complete set of requirements for Bryan. I can hardly speak to the new kid coz our CI keeps shadowing in on our every conversation (if there really was a conversation).

I was so in a hurry to interview the kid. After all that, I was gonna have to make complete requirements for Bryan. I sobbed a bit at the bus. Good thing jacky was there to comfort me like a sweet friend that she really is. She went with me to Shehannah Boutique where I was measured up to fit for my gown. I encouraged her to fit some gown as well. She fit one but the price for it didn't really keep her in high spirits.

I thanked jacky for accompanying me. I went home. I made my requirements and thank heavens, I got it all down. Yey me! All i really needed was some motivation. YEY ME!

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