doggy biscuit

Ok so I mentioned Bryan in my previous post. I really do think that we both made improvements...he finally found a friend in me! He finally appraoches me without any second thoughts; he sits beside me even if i didn't ask him to. I love to sit silently beside him because he would just doze off and sleep right there. He's like a cute little puppy who needs some dog biscuits to keep him going. AND i'm his dog biscuit!

It's so sad to think that tomorrow would be our final psych duty at Banag-laum. I was really starting to like helping out there considering the fact that I found a friend in Bryan too. But i should not be too emotionally attached to this boy, i mean, he's my patient and I want him to recover coz firstly he's young and he's got a lot going for him. He can do so much in the years ahead of him. I just hope he remembers me the time he's normal that i'm his "Ate Lucille".

He's such a dear.

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