a good friday the 13th

Today was our Culminating Activity at Banag-laum Homes.

Our final day on our Psych Rotation and we decided to end it by celebrating the end of it.
It went kinda dreary at first but the fun caught up when the games had started. The Maria Went To Town portion was the creme dela creme because we were cheering so hard for Clarkin and Harold. Ate Arlene also sang for us and Ian dedicated a song to Shone, one of the USJR-SN.

We were in a rush to go home because the bus has arrived to fetch us so I was able to say goodbye to Bryan and got from him a hug. What a sweet kiddo. From all that rush (emotionally and physically), I left my umbrella there..huhu.


Nicole, Kathy and I ate out today. We caught up on details from a whole month's separation. We all had so much to say to each other so we were babbling out non-stop mostly about the psych duty, our psych patients and everything else in between. We stayed at KFC for nearly 2 hours. Dinner dates like these are treasures.

The only annoying part was that there was this guy from a table next to ours who keeps looking at our way and taking a photo of Nicole while she's talking to us. How frigging rude can you people get. Can you please mind your own business. Don't make me shove that phone into your mouth! ggggggrrrrr....


Now that I've calmed down from that annoying ordeal. I went back to school and stayed to watch the Ms. Val Rehearsals. Boy was I dead bored there. I wanted to sleep on the spot but the annoying bayot keeps hogging the mic all to himself. By the time we were gonna go home, there was no more bus and no taxi in sight. Good thing, Karl, a lighting director from the Ms Val pageant and her gf, Erin, let us in his car and drove us to SM. We rode a jeep then after.

Well, at least chivalry did not die today.


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