happy valentines dearies!

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh what a day to fall in love and be in love. Since I got neither then it's best to be with friends instead.
So last night was the Ms. Valentines 2009 at the CDU Auditorium. It was so not what i expected. Not even half the auditorium was filled with people. It was a pity to see all the hardwork had come down to that.

I'm really ever so proud of Kristine Molina for making it to the top 25. that's me and her. She just dazzles right beside me. You go molz! Finally a 3J made it at that stage.

After that ordeal, rhea, steffi, eva, jer, dyan, chad and i went out to eat at Sunburst. Ahahaha, i miss chad. he's so quirky. And damn was the resto expensive, I didn't even order myself drinks. But the laughs and conversations were priceless.

Sun Cellular was so stupid tonight, really awful network just when it's Valentines the signals go berserk. The day (i mean night) went awesome though, I slept over at rhea's coz it was getting so late at dawn.

2 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

jcily said...

i love your white gladie..

chingching said...

oh thanks cily. i bought it on that day coz my heels were killing me! lol

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