taken away

And i thought college professors were pains in our arses.ahaha. I guess I was wrong.

I was not feeling so good today so I was moping most of the time because of a quiz i failed on. The rest of my day got dragged along in this melancholic state of mind. Thankfully, Mr. M. Sanchez was feeling perkier than usual and decided the class should watch Taken.

Taken Poster Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh man, i was just in awe. The picture was beautifully shot and the acting was superb. I had no idea trafficking could be like that. The love of a father for his daugter, no matter how many miles separates them, is ever so strong. This movie is an A++.


Garland is so near I can grasp it in my dreams, not that I'm actually looking forward to it. I just think its costly to go all through these for a single night. tsk tsk.

So my gown is DONE! And my first impression? I'll look like a shrimp in it. I wonder how long until i might actually realize that it's gonna look good on me eventually? This costs me 3,300php in total excluding jewelries, shoes and handbag which i don't intend on buying. I'll find some hand downs soon enough. ahaha



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